This is the last article in our Frameworks series. Here are the first, second, third and fourth articles.

In 2020, React, Angular, and Vue topped the list of most popular frameworks and libraries.

Over the past several years, there have been several different promising and interesting open-source projects introduced, for example, Svelte.

If you want to review the libraries and frameworks that we've talked about in this article, here's a table for you.

Useful links

After reading this article, if you've been inspired to explore new libraries and frameworks, you can  take a look a the list of useful resources we've made for you.

AngularJS and Angular

AngularJS Style Guide with code examples.

A list of Angular tools for exploring the Angular ecosystem and unlocking its full potential.


A list of React.js tools for learning about React and diving in deep.

A tutorial on building your own React framework from scratch.


This is what you should read before getting started with Redux.


A list of Next.js tools to find out more about this framework and using it to its full potential.


A list of Vue.js tools for exploring Vue and mastering its potential.

NuxtJS is can be used as an alternative to Next.js when working with Vue.js.


A collection of Svelte tools and the latest news of its community.

More fun stuff to read

Examples of simple "to-do list" apps built with different tools and implemented using the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

Examples of applications implemented on a popular stack that you can study to learn how it should be done in actual practice.

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