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The beginner-friendly online coding bootcamps with the highest completion rate and grad employment
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Part-time programs on our proprietary learning platform, followed by career coaching and interview prep.
*average of our Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Data Science programs
Get your dream job within 6 months of graduation or get 100% of your tuition back
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find a tech job after six months*
of students complete our programs*

Our graduates' stories:

If you want to change your career and get into tech, it’s totally possible.
Here I am. 12 months later,
I’m a Software Engineer.
William Schutte
Jake McCambley
Full-Stack Software Engineer,
Software Engineer,

Choose a career

Practicum bootcamps are fully online and part-time. You can keep your current job while learning a new profession. It’s the no-risk, high-reward option.
5 months
Postman, Charles, Console, JavaScript, SQL, Jira, Playright
Your future job title
Quality Assurance Engineer
Median graduate starting salary: $67,000
Challenge level
7 months
Your future job title
Data Analyst / Product analyst/
Business Analyst / Growth Analyst / Data and Insights Analyst
Google Sheets, SQL, Python, Tableau, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib
Median graduate
starting salary: $65,500
Challenge level
10 months
Full-Stack: JavaScript, React.js, HTML, CSS, Babel, Webpack, NPM, GitHub, Git, Rest API, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Node.js
Your future job title
Software Engineer / Web Developer / Full-Stack Developer / Full-Stack Software Engineer
Median graduate starting salary: $75,100
Challenge level
9 months
Your future job title
Data Scientist / Data Science Researcher/ Machine Learning Engineer / ML Scientist
Python, NLTK, Numpy, Plotly, Dash, Seaborn, Tableau, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook, LightGBM, PySpark, Keras
Median graduate starting salary: $89,300
Challenge level

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is right .… for you?

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The entire bootcamp lives in one window: concepts, projects, code, short videos, feedback and communication.
No boring theory, long video lectures, or PDF lessons. Our platform was made to help you learn intuitively, with digestible lessons and effective reinforcement.

Practicum is the only bootcamp with its own coding platform

Learn concepts interactively

No jumping between browser tabs, no signing up for multiple tools. Stay focused, because there’s nothing to disrupt your flow.

See what you’ve made, right in your code editor

Work on real business projects and get detailed feedback from pros working in the field. Communication is rapid and streamlined within the platform.

Get guidance from working professionals

We have_ .skin in the game

get hired within 180 days
If you don’t get a job within six months of graduating Practicum, we will refund 100% of your tuition.
Graduate outcomes
Get paid or get__ a refund
median starting salary
partner employers
4.8 out of 5 rating based on 300+ reviews
Former bartender
Web Developer at Neurogazer
Nathanael Anderson
Along the way I had a ton of fun, participated in group projects and Hackathons, went to talks, worked in sprints, and learned a TON.
Worked in Mental Health and Outdoor Recreation
Full-Stack Software Engineer at Zencare
Jake McCambley
Learning to collaborate with others, and learning to build real projects gave me a massive leg up in the interview process.
Former physics & statistics professional
Developer at Workbay
Pinwei Wu
It's what Practicum does best — they help you build a portfolio, so you can show anybody that you really know how to do it.
Worked in Journalism
Software Engineer at Accenture
Linda Kovacs
The mentors, community managers and support staff are top-notch and care greatly about student advancement and, ultimately, success.
Former Technical Engineer Research
Full-stack Software Engineer at Cove.tool
William Schutte
The entire team is so caring and thoughtful, and are willing to help in any way they can. They really make the program feel personal.
Worked in pharmacy
Remote Junior Software Developer at Expression Networks
Alvin Wong
Worked in pharmacy
It was helpful to convert my non-tech related resume into a more tech-focused one.
Former molecular Biology and Chemical Engineering research fellow
Junior React Developer Contractor at Lululemon
Yuliya Khilko
The best part about Practicum is the project-based learning approach. All projects that I've completed were a great addition to my portfolio.
CSP Lead agent at TTEC
Loannis Psichias
The code review is an important part of the course, it's proved vital to both understand the nitty-gritty, and apply best practices when writing code.
Former Bis Dev at a diabetes startup
Sr Director of Technical Operations at Remind
Makenzie Wells
The projects are modeled from real-world scenarios, which made them quite interesting to work on and solve.
Former B.S., University of Florida
Data Analyst at Tesla
Jackie Lu
At Practicum I was glad to have recourse to the career program, where students review each other's resumes and provide moral support.
Former Petroleum engineer
ML engineer at Leidos
Chukwuemeka Okoli
My favorite part of the program is the project and code review. At the end when your project is approved, there is that satisfaction that comes from achieving a feat.
Worked in Tourism Sales
Associate Data Scientist at Spotify
Rachelle Perez
We are part of a group trying to achieve something together despite working individually, helping each other when needed and celebrating each other’s win.
Worked in International Development
Clinical Data Analyst | Population Health Research at ResMed
Thao-Vy Vuong
Practicum is a very good way for students to comprehend and practice our skills. That helps a lot for a person with no prior coding skills.
Jaylen Gentry
If you’re looking for a detailed bootcamp with great support from a big name in data science you can’t do much better than Practicum.
Enyel Sequeira
While you are learning, you are also learning Agile methodology, which is used for most companies out there.
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