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What is QA?
QA Engineers write simple scripts instead of coding applications. They play a vital role in the tech industry—testing software to catch bugs and working with developers to fix them.
Software errors, i.e. bugs, can really wreck your day. It's not just crashing webpages—software is everywhere from cars to power stations. Bugs in the wrong place can be life-threatening.

QA Engineers design and run tests that catch bugs. Their job is about breaking software and documenting the results.

QA Engineers don't need to know math or programming languages—they do very little coding, and what little they do involves simple commands and logical sequences. As important as QA is, it's one of the simplest jobs to learn.
4.9 rating across 300+ reviews
  • Jake McCambley
    Full-Stack Software Engineer at Zencare
    Learning to collaborate with others, and learning to build real projects gave me a massive leg up in the interview process.
  • Pinwei Wu
    Developer at Workbay
    It's what Practicum does best — they help you build a portfolio, so you can show anybody that you really know how to do it.
  • Nathanael Anderson
    Web Developer at Neurogazer
    If I ever had any problems, I was never alone. There was always my tutor. Pretty much anytime I had a question about anything, they were able to help me.
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