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QA Engineering Bootcamp
5-month part-time online program for beginners
QA Engineering Bootcamp
5-month part-time online program for beginners
What is QA?
QA Engineers write simple scripts instead of coding applications. They play a vital role in the tech industry—testing software to catch bugs and working with developers to fix them.
Software errors, i.e. bugs, can really wreck your day. It's not just crashing webpages—software is everywhere from cars to power stations. Bugs in the wrong place can be life-threatening.

QA Engineers design and run tests that catch bugs. Their job is about breaking software and documenting the results.

QA Engineers don't need to know math or programming languages—they do very little coding, and what little they do involves simple commands and logical sequences. As important as QA is, it's one of the simplest jobs to learn.
Anyone can become
a Quality Assurance Engineer
The fastest way into tech
Learn QA Engineering in just five months! Land a role with help from our career support team.
Endless opportunities
Join a world of over 113k junior-level positions, with more than 20k remote-eligible options.
Engineer title sans degree
Call yourself an Engineer—no degree, tech background, or coding experience required. Learn everything you need, including simple scripting!
Manual+Automation in one go
Learn to design and run both manual and automated tests. We've covered everything in one program!
You will learn
to test software, write bug reports, and use scripts for automation
this is what your skillset will look like:
Andriod Studio
Job-search strategy
LinkedIn profile
Real projects
Mock interviews
Cross-browser testing
Test cases
Regression testing
Mobile testing
API testing
Web application testing
Manual testing
Bug reports
Automation testing
Average starting__salary:
Practicum is the best coding bootcamp 3 years in a row
find a tech job within 6 months
See what goes into these numbers in our
H2 2022 Graduates Outcomes Report
100% refund if you
don’t get a job within
6 months
The only bootcamp
with its own interactive platform
Flexible, part-time schedule to fit around your life
Learn in a work-simulated environment
Interactive platform
Our curriculum breaks down real cases from real companies. Concepts and skills come in short, digestible, interactive lessons that prep you to get and perform the job.
Week 1 — Theory + Practice
The learning process is divided into sprints, or two-to-three week long work intensive periods. Most tech companies work this way, so you will come prepared. Each sprint consists of interactive lessons and features a project with a deadline.
Weeks 2 & 3 — Work on project
5 portfolio projects
You are going to perform real-life projects from day one. In 5 months, you’ll have built a solid portfolio to demonstrate your applied skills in quality assurance and manual testing.
Study is challenging but we’ll help you
Learning a new profession can feel daunting — that’s why we dedicate hours of support to help you with your specific needs. We are here to cheer you on, provide advice, and help with coding tasks.
Web Application Testing
Cross-Browser Testing
Regression Testing
Mobile Testing
Test Cases
Don’t give up!
You’re surrounded
Community Managers
Make group learning fun
Code Reviewers
Give you feedback
Tech Support
Solve technical issues
Career Coaches
Get you employed
Senior Students
Provide you guidance
Teach you skills
Our job is to make sure you find a career you enjoy
Career Prep Course
Learn how to write a standout resume and a cover letter, create LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, make a professional portfolio, and other employment pro-tips.
4+ free hours of mock interviews will give you the confidence to nail a real one
One-to-one sessions with a career coach to develop a job-search strategy.
Career coaching
Support beyond graduation
We stay in touch during the first two months of employment, to make sure you are confident in your new position.
4.8 out of 5 rating based on 600+ reviews
Former Petroleum engineer
ML engineer at Leidos
Chukwuemeka Okoli
My favorite part of the program is the project and code review. At the end when your project is approved, there is that satisfaction that comes from achieving a feat.
Former Graphic Designer
Full Stack Software Engineer at Flexion
Desiree Bradish
The program is really well structured and organized, which is something that appeals to me.
Former Business Development Manager
Senior Director of Technical Operations at Remind
Makenzie Wells
The projects are modeled from real-world scenarios, which made them quite interesting to work on and solve.
Worked in Tourism Sales
Associate Data Scientist at Spotify
Rachelle Perez
Somehow I feel like we are part of a group trying to achieve something together despite working individually, helping each other when needed and celebrating each other’s win.
Former Bartender
Web Developer at Neurogazer
Nathanael Anderson
Along the way I had a ton of fun, participated in group projects and hackathons, went to talks, worked in sprints, and learned a TON.
Former Teacher
Senior Frontend Engineer at OMEGA Systems
Enyel Sequeira
While you are learning, you are also learning Agile methodology, which is used for most companies out there.
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Program structure
Join a 5-month bootcamp. Learn online with a flexible schedule and a convenient payment scheme.
The lowest possible option is $132/month for a 36-month loan for a Top Tier student (lowest APR). It would be $4,749 in total. Your exact option we could get after applying to Meritize.
$4,749 in total
from $132/month
Learn now, pay later
Start repayment 3 months after graduation with Meritize. No enrollment fee. Other repayment options and financing partners available.
$5,500 in total
Pay in 5 monthly installments.
save 24% over Monthly
Get the best deal by paying up front.
Our get-a-job-or-get-a-refund guarantee isn’t the only way we look out for our students
After starting a bootcamp, you have. two weeks to withdraw with a 100% refund. After that, we provide partial refunds upon withdrawal. Check out the refund schedule in our Terms of Use.
If you don’t get a job within six months of graduating Practicum, we will refund 100% of your tuition. Read more in our Terms of Use
Get paid or get a refund
Answer a few questions so that the adviser can prepare for the call with you.
Next start dateJune 15