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What’s our secret formula? To answer that, let’s take a closer look at what we offer ↓
Practicum is a family of digital re-skilling products. We help people from virtually any background learn a new profession and build a sustainable career in IT. Our programs are fun and full of engaging practice with direct support from tech professionals.

Our main focus is to prepare students for a real job. This is why 80% of Practicum grads land a role within six months.

Learning support at every step

Tech professionals with more than three years of experience in the field. They provide guidance via group video sessions and are available to answer questions on Slack or in Zoom. Students can arrange one-on-one meetings whenever they need expert help.
Experts who check each student's code line by line. They give detailed, professional feedback designed to help you develop quickly while ensuring you fully grasp the material and learning tools.
Code reviewers
They collect feedback, ensure students are comfortable, solve technical issues, and encourage & help maintain morale. Also, they organize events and hackathons to give students the chance to grow as professionals.
Community managers

Our learning process is a simulated workplace environment

Interactive learning and feedback

Exclusive interactive platform. We’ve created a learning platform that combines theory, interactive tasks and quizzes. A lot of built-in practice helps to make learning and enjoyable and swift.
Ongoing feedback. Our students have regular meetings with tutors and can ask their questions in a 1-on-1 setting. Throughout the program, students are working on projects and receive detailed feedback from code reviewers. Our 24/7 support team is also ready to assist with any technical questions.
A lot of self-study. Students will have plenty of interesting self-practice. This teaches students to find tech solutions independently — a crucial skill in the IT industry.

Sprint learning with the deadlines

Courses are divided into two-to-three week long sprints, a framework used by many tech companies. Every sprint involves a set of interactive lessons and a project that must be completed by the deadline. You’ll be working with the same tools as IT specialists, such as Slack, Miro etc., so it will be very close to working at an IT company.

Projects with real companies for your portfolio

Students complete minimum six projects ranging from a simple landing page using HTML & CSS, to a full-fledged web app built with React and Node.js.
In addition, we have an apiary project that gives students the opportunity to work on a project for a real company. These projects are optional and available every six weeks (during the program).
As a result, students can put real projects in their portfolio, reflect this experience on their LinkedIn page, and get real feedback from a company's representative. By the end of the program, student will have polished and professional portfolios that stand out to employers.
Student projects

Career help program

Consists of four modules: the Career Prep course, Career Acceleration, Apiary project and post-employment support.
As we discussed above, an Apiary project gives the opportunity to make a high-level portfolio with projects from real companies. And as a result of the Career Prep course and Career Acceleration, students will have the most up-to-date knowledge about all aspects of the job search and have:
✓ Solid resume and cover letter
✓ LinkedIn and GitHub profiles
✓ Professional portfolio
✓ One-on-one coach sessions
✓ HR and technical mock interviews
✓ Job search strategy
Post-employment support is provided for the first two months of the student's new role. Students can reach out to the career team if they need help strategizing their first days at their new company.

Be prepared to set aside ~20 hours per week to become a tech specialist

At least a quarter of this time is often dedicated to communicating with tutors, community managers, peers, and career advisors.
Now you know what makes learning at Practicum so special, but if you have any questions, we are always ready to talk to you :)

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