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With Practicum, a practice-oriented online bootcamp aimed at career change & upgrade

Watch the interview with our graduates

Practicum graduates
found a new job in high-tech
8 out of 10
female graduates found a new job
in high-tech without tech background
40+ years old
graduates found a job in high-tech
in 6 cases out of 10

You can get a new profession

Without leaving home
We took the bootcamp format as a basis because it is fast and efficient. But moved all the learning process online so that you could combine your studies with work and learn a new profession without leaving your desk.
With a full set to enter the market
Every day at Practicum bootcamp is aimed at shaping you as a professional. With a strong portfolio and set of skills necessary to enter a competitive market and impress your employer.

You can enjoy studying and grow

With practice-oriented program
Why textbooks and lectures? At Practicum you learn by solving real cases, and one hour of theory accounts for four hours of practice.
With interactive learning platform
Technology helps us to make getting a new profession convenient for you. All parts of the course — in one web app.
With support team
From industry professionals sharing their experience in tech and checking out your code, to managers making sure you succeed.
With employment assistance
Before meeting the market, you put together a portfolio, learn how to write covering letters, and get ready for the interviews.

You can become a |

Choose a profession that suits you most. And we promise to do everything possible so that you enjoy your studies and future job every day.

You can be in demand in the labour market

High-tech sector is booming. The number of vacancies is growing. Israel is lacking at least 12 500 tech specialists.

Well, you've heard it all a hundred times before. Your move.

This future is real with Practicum

We’ve trained more than 5000 high-tech specialists in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East. With a 2 years experience in the Israeli market, we know how to help you find a job at one of the best tech companies in the country.

These companies are happy with Practicum graduates

Antidote Health
Industry: Medicine
Job title: Data Analyst
We have three Practicum grads working in Antidote Health. They are very good hires and good employees. They are very skilled. Practicum program provided them with a good entry ticket to the industry.
Industry: Analytics
Job title: Data Analyst
Practicum graduate came with the skills & knowledge that allowed her to ramp up quicker than most analysts & she’s already a pivotable part of the team & company. Besides her awesome Python & SQL skills, she has become one of the Tableau specialists in the company, answering questions & guiding teams from other departments on best practices. In short, she has been one of the best hires we’ve made this year!
IBS DataFort
Industry: Cloud services
Job title: Developer
Not every candidate is ready to devote more than 40 hours a week to his professional growth. But for Practicum graduates, constant skills upgrade has become a habit even during their studies. Happy to see how they get along with colleagues, mentors, and management.
Industry: Web development
Job title: Data Analyst
Practicum graduates joined our company after completing data analysis courses. They adapted very easily, passed their probationary period and now learn quickly and work hard. A month after their hiring, they began to add real value to the company.
Industry: Marketing analysis
Job title: Junior Backend Developer
Practicum’s graduate came to JStick for an internship and showed pretty good results. It is very important for juniors to constantly develop and respond adequately to feedback from their mentors and managers. Good theoretical base is an advantage too. Based on the experience working with our new colleague, we see that Practicum provides it all.
Industry: Digital marketing
Job title: Junior Web Developer
We hired Practicum web development course graduates as junior developers for our company. They have both good theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and our senior developer does not spend much time teaching them new things. We especially appreciate self-discipline and responsibility in junior developers and Practicum graduates have all these qualities.

Top-rated international bootcamp

And these graduates are happy with Practicum

Dev Sharan Sams
Data Analyst, graduate
Great program. Teachers are industry experts. Course material top notch. Job search and support is outstanding. Good mix of students from various walks of life. Overall super.
Idan Shafat
Data Analyst, graduate
Before Practicum, I knew I was interested in data fields but did not have any experience. The course gave me all the tools I needed to dive deeper into data worlds and gain experience in working with data. Today I am working as a Data Integration Engineer at Riskified and really am happy with the path I chose. The studies were great and the current role in the company I work at is amazing and super interesting for me.
Yochanan Perez
Data Analyst, graduate
I give 100% credit to Practicum for getting a job as a Data Analyst in Mobileye. I never would have believed that I could be working with such cutting-edge technology before my studies at Practicum. I gained the confidence necessary to get a job in a field that I truly admire.
Tsahhi Sharon
Data Analyst, graduate
I must say that the learning journey was amazing, I think that the most valuable thing I learned is how to approach data. It doesn’t matter if it’s using Python or SQL — you need to know what to look for, what is interesting and how to make impact.
Lisa Polockaia
Data Analyst, graduate
I’m really happy that I participated in the DA course: I love the way how the study material is presented, its playful approach and human-language explanations. I got so much support from every member of the Practicum team I’ve talked to, and also learned new ways to learn! Now it’s my second week as a data analyst in Placer. ai and I see the relevancy of what l learned. I believe this course really influenced not just my life, but my personality as well.
Xia Cui
Data Analyst, graduate
I started learning data analytics by doing various small courses online and realized it was the career path I wanted to pursue. In my search for a comprehensive, intensive, yet practical learning environment to develop and consolidate my skills, I found Practicum.

I picked Practicum based on reviews, and I’m extremely glad with this decision. I enjoy every aspect of the course: the platform, the tasks, the design, the flow, the support. I can’t say enough good things about it and still can’t believe I get so much for what I paid. I’m halfway through and I still get excited about each new chapter and task. Practicum’s learning style suits me perfectly.

The tutors have been great and helpful. And what really impressed me is how prompt the platform online support is. Whenever I got stuck with a task, I sent an inquiry via the platform tech support, the response is almost immediate, despite the time differences. Wow. That’s impressive and super helpful!

As I said, I can’t say enough good things about the course. Any more will make me sound like a salesperson. Haha! Highly recommended!
Mabelly Tuchsznajder
Data Analyst, graduate
I’m a Marketing Data Analyst, and I found Practicum one of the best online programs for those, like myself, who want to give the next step in the Data Analysis field. The program has great content, challenging exercises, and real-world projects.

But Practicum’s major advantage is how its tutors, project reviewers, and community managers deal with students' questions. First, they are professionals with real-world experience in the field, and, second and most important, all explanations or articles recommended by them are straight to the point and accurate. That said, I recommend Practicum for anyone who wants to get into the Data Analysis field or brush up her/his skills.
Yanina Khitrova
Data Analyst, graduate
For a long time I felt that I need a career change but I wasn’t sure where to go. I tried various courses on Coursera and Udemy but without much success. In the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, I saw a Practicum ad on Facebook and decided to try the Data Analyst program. In the beginning, I wasn’t even sure that I will be able to finish it because the whole topic was pretty new to me. But as I was doing it, I got more and more interested and involved in the program.

The main program starts with a lesson about mindset and it really helped me improve my attitude. The course is structured in just the right way to involve students and keep it interesting. All exercises and projects are pretty challenging so you can feel the growing confidence after completing it. All projects are get checked by industry professionals. They provide really valuable feedback. Sometimes you may need to correct and resubmit the project several times until it is done correctly and accepted by reviewer. During the program, I completed 12 projects and one additional project, so the portfolio is pretty impressing.

As a student, I felt constant support from the Practicum team: community managers, mentor, technical support and from fellow students. You can ask any question in the chat and get needed help pretty fast. Sometimes there could be some time lag because the team can be located in the other part of the world but technical support helps really fast anyway.

I also need to mention the career support program where students can get various help with resume writing and portfolio preparation, attend webinars with technical recruiters and career couches and much more. Thank you Practicum team for the opportunity to be part of the great community and opportunity to grow as a professional.
Jennifer Foskett
Data Analyst, graduate
The Practicum curriculum really gave me a good overview of different experiences that a data analyst would have in a day-to-day routine. The portfolio of projects I was able to make was really helpful, and I found that really rewarding because I can actually show the work I put forth.
Daria Grishko
Data Analyst, graduate
Frankly, I was not sure I would enjoy learning on my own but Practicum’s structure has allowed me to finally grasp things I have seen in other courses and Youtube videos but never really understood. I think there are 4 reasons why: the focus on hands-on practice, the content, support, and deadlines.

As a student, you have to constantly test your knowledge through small tasks and after each module, do projects that look holistically at what was learned so far. The content is non-intimidating (love the cute illustrations!) and simple to understand. No fancy words! The focus is on helping grasp the concept.

There is a lot of support from Practicum’s tutors and community manager but also from other students. Somehow I feel like we are part of a group trying to achieve something together despite working individually, helping each other when needed and celebrating each other’s win.

Finally, having a plan of action is great. Practicum facilitates this through a mix of realistic soft and hard deadlines to help you stay on track. Now, I can’t see myself ever taking an in-person bootcamp as I remember how often things would go over my head and I didn’t have the space and time to grasp a concept before moving on.
Yaniv Schweitzer
Web Developer, graduate
The program was amazing and I really can’t believe I learned so much in such a short time!
Jenna Toff
Web Developer, graduate
I really enjoyed how the course is written: it made it easier for me to go through what had otherwise been dry material in my previous self-studying. There’s a lot of humor and puns, which also helps with keeping the information a bit better.

You do get out of Practicum what you put in, thanks to supportive communities and networking opportunities, along with many chances to build upon soft skills. You have a cohort you work with, and many people you can reach out to ask if you get stuck or have questions: even if it’s not directly related to the material you’re going through in the course. If things aren’t working, you can let someone know and it will be fixed by generally the next day. Feedback for projects is available within 24 hours, and you have chances to improve if you didn’t get it quite right the first time.

After finishing the program I’ve been working with the 'career accelerator' program they have. It helps through the job navigation process that spans to 1−1 conversations with someone who is actually helping you fine-tune the different parts in the job search.
Isabelle Cuisset
Web Developer, student
At the end of last year, before I joined Practicum, I was just feeling frustrated about trying to learn best coding practices all by myself with free or cheap online resources. I decided to join the web developer bootcamp and this has been the most amazing journey.

Practicum bootcamp has opened a brand new world of professional perspectives for me that I never imagined previously, being now able to use tools like React and Node. js, and being able to deploy and publish my own MERN projects, thanks to the backend part that is also included in the curriculum.

The review process of each personal project is done by industry professionals with a high level of expectations, which is incredibly beneficial and enjoyable: I learned so much over those 10 months and I can’t wait to start applying everything on real business projects.

Nevertheless, if you consider taking this course, you should know that it requires really hard work and self discipline over a 10 months period, for which you need to build strong working habits and commitment. As my fantastic cohort tutor shared with us at the beginning of the course, one of the key qualities for a good web developer is to be… persistent! After those 10 amazing months, I fully understand why… and it just feels very rewarding on a personal and professional level.
Aisha Gaines
Web Developer, student
I am a Web Development track student here at Practicum. Previously, I have attempted and failed many times at teaching myself the in’s and out’s of web development. Practicum has changed that for me.

The program is challenging, realistic, and provides a sense of community for its students. The curriculum itself is based off of real world work, which can be difficult to find in other programs. There is also no need to worry when you may be having trouble with understanding certain concepts. There are tutors excited to assist you with learning these strange concepts, while even providing additional resources to help you work through the problems.

Aside from the tutors, there are also opportunities to pair program with other students who are in the same or different cohorts than yourself. The program makes it very easy to communicate with other students via Slack. There are constant opportunities to grow within your chosen program such as webinars, live coding, and so much more!
Enyel Sequeira
Web Developer, graduate
After finishing a full-stack web development bootcamp, I felt lost and was definitely not ready for a job in the web development world. Since then, I knew that bootcamps were not meant for me, but then I was going through Facebook and saw this ad for being a beta test for this new course that Practicum had. In my mind, I was skeptical. I already knew how bootcamps worked and how all they care about most of the time is to make money without caring whether the students learn or not, but I decided to give it a try; after all, it couldn’t hurt, and I was a beta test. I’ve decided to enroll and learned more in 2 weeks than I did in 2 months in my other bootcamp.

You’re not just reading and asked to do something that you have no idea how to do, you get to practice all that you’ve learned. The other great thing is that while you are learning, you are also learning Agile methodology, which is used for most companies out there. The tasks can be difficult and challenging at time, but you have a fantastic community and a tutor that is always willing to answer your questions. Reviews can seem too picky at times, but in reality, code reviewers are trying to review your code as an actual company would.

Thanks to Practicum, I could definitely say I am way better developer than I was when I came out of my other bootcamp and thanks to them, I now feel confident enough to enter the field.
Luke Schmidt
Web Developer, graduate
Practicum’s long-form, flexible class structure allows for a work-class-life balance unheard of in most other bootcamps, in person or remote, at least based on the research I’ve done. While I was taking this course, I was able to land a full time job at a software company which has been amazing so far!

My experiences learned from Practicum helped me tremendously with getting that job. During the interview, I was able to answer many questions I wouldn’t have known the answers to. My job uses a lot of the same systems, programs, and conventions as Practicum and so the course gave me a great introduction to these topics. I was also able to do a mock interview (with a detailed review, and questions answered about software interviews!) with a Practicum employee that gave me a lot of great tips on what to focus on learning. 100% worth the cost.
Pinwei Wu
Web Developer, graduate
I really like Practicum offers hand on experience at coding. Though I self learned some coding before the program but never feel like I could break into the field. In Practicum web developer program, I not only learned the coding skill, but also the way how developer works. I am especially impressed by the hard working code reviewers. My coding structures and logic improved every time I got back my feedback. I now can build websites on a scratch all by myself, feel confident and am finally ready. Highly recommended!

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From Text Editing to Code Analysis

To A/B or Not to Be?

From a Research Lab to an Amazon Team

Read more stories in our blog

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