So you've decided to hire someone...

"Easy! This'll just take a week, right?"

You post the job listing and get hundreds of responses
All the resumes look the same, they are not vetted... and don't tell you much
You wear yourself out checking dozens of test assignments
There aren't enough hours in the day, so you work late conducting interviews
Hooray! Twenty interviews later, you finally find the right person
Two weeks later:
All that work was in vain! Cue *Curb Your Enthusiasm* music.

*Based on a true story.
Well, finding the right people is tough.
Let's find your next hire together.

You'd rather look through the five best resumes and hire one of those candidates ASAP.

Or two of them.

Or all five?
We can help you source junior tech specialists
with experience in real-world scenarios
  1. We can select the most suitable candidates because we know our students well.
  1. You won't get resumes that don't match your request.
  1. The person you hire will be ready, able, and eager to start with you.
And it's all free.
Scroll down to learn more about our graduates (and discover some other cool stuff)

About our graduates

Our graduates have the necessary technical know-how and soft skills required for productive teamwork, as well as experience with real projects.

Why choose Practicum graduates?

We'll try to be as objective as possible.
We create seasoned professionals.
During the course, we give students an opportunity to participate in real projects and acquire real-world experience, where they use a self-driven approach, decompose tasks, meet deadlines and deliver results.
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Our graduates bring business value.
Every business or product team has ideas that have been sitting in the backlog for a while. There's just no time or resources to test those. Practicum graduate is a real business unit capable of solving product problems, like testing backlog ideas and business hypotheses that were on hold for months.
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As our name suggests, we're practice-intensive.
Our students put their new knowledge to use from day one. We teach theory in small portions, then provide tasks on our online platform. But the platform is only part of what we offer. Students really master new content by completing independent projects using professional tools and by getting feedback from code reviewers.
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We give our students the skills and knowledge they need today (and tomorrow).
We design our programs with the current needs of the tech industry in mind. We monitor changes in the market (that's easy when you're a tech company) and review our curriculum at least once a year.
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Our courses are challenging, like at a good university — so our diploma has real merit.
We don't want to brag, but the truth is that our courses are rigorous. They last an average of ten months, and you can't just breeze your way through; a significant number of students fail the final project.

Each sprint ends with an independent project. If it isn't completed on time, the student cannot proceed to the next sprint.

You can't just pay, sit around for ten months, and get the certificate. If you fail to pass a project once, you get a warning; twice, and you're expelled.

To graduate from Practicum, you need to complete every course in your program and successfully submit the final project on time.
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Our students work really hard.
Our students study an average of fifteen hours a week to master their new profession. Experienced professional programmers check their work. In addition to code reviews, each student receives support when tackling difficult tasks. Practicum's staff includes tutors who act as mentors for students.
Let's find a junior specialist who's right for you!
This won't take much time
and is absolutely free.
  1. We'll ask you a few questions about the position and your requirements. Email us, or we can talk on Zoom — whichever you prefer.
  1. You'll receive the resumes of several pre-vetted candidates within three days.
  1. After the interview stage, we'll ask you to tell us about your experience. It's important to us that we provide excellent service; we don't intend to just send some resumes and then forget about it.

Making it easier for companies
and talented specialists to find
each other

Now you know our mission. We're excited to work with you to accomplish it.