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Data Science Bootcamp

9-month, part-time online program for all levels
Data Science Bootcamp
9-month, part-time online program for all levels
Practicum is the best coding bootcamp 3 years in a row
find a tech job after 6 months
See what goes into these numbers in our
H2 2022 Graduate Outcomes Report
Your new skillset
Probability theory and statistics
Algorithms and numerical methods
Linear algebra
Preprocessing Data
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
Data Storage
Time series analysis
Data labelling
Machine learning
A/B testing
Product funnel and conversion
Jupyter Notebook
Median>>graduate salary: $89,300
You’re ready to learn data science if you are:
You liked math in high school and aren’t scared of code.
You’re happy solving problems with logic and numbers.
You have the grit and at least 20 hours a week to commit.
Simulated work environment
Interactive platform
Learn on the user-friendliest coding platform. Concepts, data sets, and tasks all in one workspace.
Move as fast as you want and break things. Instantly run your code to visualize what you’ve made. Unlimited time and space to play.
Line-by-line code review
Level up with feedback from real data scientists. Practicing professionals will dive into your code and make sure you’re learning what you need to grow and develop.
⭐ It’s important to look not just at the amount of missing values in every column, but at the percentage of missing values in column, this can be done by slightly changing your code, for example like this: data.isnull().sum()*100/len(data)
Mia Murray
Code reviewer
16 portfolio projects
Work on real-world projects with real data from day one. Learn business analytics, product science, and machine learning. Apply your skills to business-relevant problems in banking, retail, ride-share, adtech, telecom, and insurance.
Take the big step—with our help
Moving up into data science is a challenge, so we put in the support to make sure you reach your goals. We’ll cheer you on, provide advice, and help with coding tasks.
Numerical Methods
Data Preprocessing
Supervised Learning
Machine Learning in Business
Computer vision
Linear algebra
We have your back
Experienced Tutors
Teach you skills
Code Reviewers
Give you feedback
Set up and maintain your tools
Career Coaches
Get you hired
Senior Students
Share experience and wisdom
Community Managers
Guide you through the program
Let's get you a job
you will enjoy
All students take on externships—real-life projects at actual companies. We call these “Apiary projects." Boost your LinkedIn profile and impress your future employers with relevant projects and reviews from a real company.
Allcorrrect Games company wanted a way to sort user reviews. Result: Our student created a review-classifying Python script running off a pre-trained model.
Scentbird company wanted to predict customer LTV from user behavior on their website. Result: A running ML model that predicts the customer's LTV.
Bibliosphere company wanted to get info about people and books in 1000+ cities around the world. Result: It got a fully-documented cross-validation model.
Build a professional brand and find a great job>>>with weekly one-on-one career coaching >>
Free career coaching included
valued at $4000
Support beyond graduation
We'll stay in touch during your first two months of employment to make sure you're confident in your new position.
Build a portfolio to attract recruiters and impress at interviews. Learn how to smash through test tasks. We’ll help you get your worth in the industry.
Career development course
4+ free hours of mock interviews will give you the confidence to ace a real one
Rated 4.8 out of 5
600+ reviews
It's a growing industry, there's so much room for innovation, and that's really what I want: to innovate within the data science industry, because I think there are so many ways we can take what we've learned at Practicum and apply it to so many fields.
Ryan Elmachtoub
Decision Analytics associate consultant at ZS
Former Mechanical Engineer
It was like playing with Legos and building up things. The most motivating thing was the feeling of accomplishment when I finished something. Even if it took hours.
Pedro Giestas Gomes
Data Analyst at GEFCO
Worked in Consulting
Worked in Tourism Sales
Associate Data Scientist at Spotify
Rachelle Perez
Somehow I feel like we are part of a group trying to achieve something together despite working individually, helping each other when needed and celebrating each other’s win.
Former Business Development Manager
Senior Director of Technical Operations at Remind
Makenzie Wells
The projects are modeled from real-world scenarios, which made them quite interesting to work on and solve.
Worked in Engineering
Senior Data Analyst at Pendo.io
Jackie Lu
At Practicum I was glad to have resource to the career program, where students review each other’s resumes and provide moral support.
Former Petroleum engineer
ML engineer at Leidos
Chukwuemeka Okoli
My favorite part of the program is the project and code review. At the end when your project is approved, there is that satisfaction that comes from achieving a feat.
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Our graduates get
great jobs at:
If you don’t get a job within six months of graduating Practicum, we will refund 100% of your tuition. Read more in our Terms of Use
Get paid or get a refund
Program ._.structure
Program structure
Python is a highly popular programming language, widely used in data applications, and statistics is the mathematical field underpinning Data Science. In this module we introduce both, and focus on Python as it is applied to statistics and data analysis.
Python and Software Engineering for Data Science
12 weeks
240 hours
Jupyter Notebook
Python and Software Engineering for Data Science
12 weeks
Machine Learning
8 weeks
Neural Networks and Advanced Techniques + Final Project
14 weeks
This module introduces Machine Learning, covers supervised learning (including regression and classification models), and discusses how to explain Machine Learning and apply it in practical business situations.
Machine Learning
8 weeks
160 hours
Python and Software Engineering for Data Science
12 weeks
Machine Learning
8 weeks
Neural Networks and Advanced Techniques + Final Project
14 weeks
In this module we cover Time Series (handling data with a time dimension), Unsupervised Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Neural Networks applied to Computer Vision and more.
Neural Networks and Advanced Techniques + Final Project
14 weeks
280 hours
Python and Software Engineering for Data Science
12 weeks
Machine Learning
8 weeks
Neural Networks and Advanced Techniques + Final Project
14 weeks
Career Prep Course
Career Acceleration
5–6 weeks
10–20 hours
up to 6 month
You'll gain confidence in solving work tasks that use a real company's data to provide them with valuable insights. Learn to communicate with clients, meet their expectations, exchange peer reviews with colleagues, and present results to the company.
Prepare to rock your job search with our built-in career prep lessons. You'll learn how to tailor your resume and cover letter for tech jobs, how to ace job interviews, and much more.
Learn the skill of successful job-hunting. Prepare for interviews with help from an HR professional. Develop a job search strategy and get every piece of your professional presentation pitch-perfect.
Only available to students eligible
to work in the US.
We offer__the best value for your money
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Monthly price
from $1,500
Employment rate
Own coding platform
Median graduate salary
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Join a 9-month bootcamp. Learn online with a flexible schedule and a convenient payment scheme.
The lowest possible option is $393/month for a 36-month loan for a Top Tier student (lowest APR). It would be $14,135 in total. Your exact option we could get after applying to Meritize.
$14,135 in total
from $393/month
Learn now, pay later
Start repayment 3 months after graduation with Meritize. No enrollment fee. Other repayment options and financing partners available.
$16,200 in total
Pay in 9 monthly installments.
save 23% over Monthly
Get the best deal by paying up front.
Our get-a-job-or-get-a-refund guarantee isn’t the only way we look out for our students
After starting a bootcamp, you have. two weeks to withdraw with a 100% refund. After that, we provide partial refunds upon withdrawal. Check out the refund schedule in our Terms of Use.