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Practicum team

Practicum is an online educational bootcamp aimed at helping people jumpstart their career in tech.

At Practicum, we believe that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to learning something new. During the learning process, students deal with different challenges: difficult tasks, lack of time, exhaustion, and many more.

But no need to worry. Our mission is to ensure our students overcome any hurdles and acquire skillsets that will help them land well-paying careers at any company around the world.

Why Practicum?

Remote work 

You can join our team wherever you are.

International team

We are focused primarily on four markets: the U.S.A., Russia, Israel, and Germany.

Professional freedom

We trust our staff of full and part-time employees and the experience they add to the team; therefore, there is no micromanagement at Practicum.

Effective work outcomes

Our key metric is the number of students employed after finishing our programs. 50% of our job-seeking students receive a position within two months of graduating, while 71% land a job within six months of completing the program.

Convenient digital workplace

To organize the teamwork as effectively as possible, we use modern tools, such as Slack, Miro, Notion, and Zoom.

Fully immersive learning

Our diverse team of experts (authors, developers, designers, etc.) strives to create a vast range of programs and platforms for anyone wishing to learn how to code with Python, JavaScript, and other programming languages.

Open vacancies

If you share our values and want to help us provide a quality service, we want you on our team. You'll grow as a tutor, code reviewer, or teacher side by side with your colleagues. You'll improve your communication skills and increase your network of contacts as you collaborate with professionals from all over the world. We offer full-time, part-time, and remote work.

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Data Analysis Program

Data Science Program

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