Unlike relative databases, you don't need to be a high-level expert to start exploring MongoDB. Since it’s a NoSQL database, you don't have to know SQL. You can work with MongoDB using JavaScript or any other major programming languages.
Chukwuemeka Okoli
ML engineer at Ledios
Former Petroleum engineer
Unlike relative databases, you don't need to be a high-level expert to start exploring MongoDB. Since it’s a NoSQL database, you don't have to know SQL. You can work with MongoDB using JavaScript or any other major programming languages.
Chukwuemeka Okoli
ML engineer at Ledios
Former Petroleum engineer
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We understand how crucial it is to find the right program to kickstart your programming career. So we’ve gathered helpful feedback from our Software Engineering Bootcamp alumni! 

In this article, we will present a balanced review of the program, highlighting both the positives and negatives, as cited by past students. Our hope is that this information will help you determine if the program is the right fit for you and, ultimately, save you time in making your decision.

What’s good

We always appreciate getting student feedback, as it helps us improve. However, it brings us particular joy when they share what they enjoyed most about the program. After analyzing numerous reviews, we've noticed that most of our students commend our well-structured, engaging, and dynamic platform, as well as its supportive tutors and job placement assistance.

But let's dive deeper.

Well-structured program

Most students say that the bootcamp program is well laid out and includes everything they need to start working. Our 10-month program is perfect for those who are new to the field of IT. 

Our 10-month program is perfect for those who are new to the field of IT. 

The program begins with a free introductory course that teaches the basics of HTML and CSS, the building blocks of web development
  • First, you'll learn advanced HTML and CSS. You will know how to control the layout of web pages and learn the BEM methodology to write flexible and easily modifiable code.
  • Second, we'll immerse you fully in JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages. In this module, you'll dive into the basics of programming, including primitives, conditions, loops, arrays, and functions.
  • Once you've mastered the basics, we go deep into React, a popular JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. Upon completion, you’ll be able to create websites made up of components that can be reused in different places.
  • At the end we’ll explore back-end development, covering topics like Node.js, Express, MongoDB. You will learn how to use the back end to store and retrieve user data and add additional functionality.
  • The course will culminate in the creation of a diploma project. You’ll put all the skills you've learned throughout the program into practice and prove that you have what it takes to be a software engineer.

This is a basic description of the program. For a more detailed one, follow the link.

However, the program is about more than just hard knowledge and skills ― it also helps develop soft skills. Our curriculum includes training in agile methodologies, project management tools, and other industry-standard software to help you develop the critical soft skills that employers seek today. 

Moreover, we encourage collaboration with peers on real-world software projects through sprint work. For example, there is a senior student in every group ― a classmate that supports you technically and emotionally. Interacting with them prepares you for the tech workforce, developing teamwork, and communication skills.

Our approach has resulted in 87% of our graduates securing junior IT positions within six months of completing the program!

Practical-oriented interactive platform

Students also like our platform for its ability to easily put theory into practice.

Practice is essential for any aspiring developer, and at our bootcamp, students start writing their own code from day one using our unique interactive platform. Each section of the course dedicates three to four days to practicing on the platform, allowing you to develop real-life skills. With 24/7 learning support, you can practice and ask questions at any time that suits you.

Here's how it works: you write the code, and the platform provides immediate feedback, checking everything for mistakes. If you get stuck, you can use hints or ask our learning support team for help

Our platform was designed by experienced learners to be goal-oriented, making it intuitive and easy-to-use. You can think of it as a platform that guides you, in addition to the support you receive from our tutors. That's what sets us apart.

All the tasks and tools you'll use are taken from real-life work experience, so, from day one, you'll be preparing for your future career as a developer.

Helpful work of tutors 

In almost every review, students praise our tutors and learning support team ― you're never alone in your learning journey.

The further you progress, the more interesting questions you’ll have, and that's where a tutor comes in — someone who has already walked the same path, achieved the outcomes, and can guide you towards success.

At Practicum, all tutors are required to have at least three years of professional experience in their respective fields. This ensures that they can offer students real-world insights to complement their recently acquired coding skills. For instance, tutors can provide guidance on the correct approach or framework, which can save you time twice over.

All of Practicum's tutors are based in the United States, so you’ll always have access to someone in your time zone. If your instructor is unavailable and you have an urgent question, the Practicum support team is on hand 24/7 to help with any questions you may have.

Career support

Our Career Team has helped numerous students secure jobs. Here's what some of them have to say about their experience.

Finding a job requires particular skills, especially when you’re breaking into a new field — which is why we’ve built a career support system to make it easier. You’ll get comprehensive career assistance during your studies, as well as after graduation. This assistance can be divided into four main stages.

Stage 1: Career Prep Course

This is a personalized and interactive program designed to help IT students acquire essential job-search skills 

The course covers several topics, such as:

  • Compiling a comprehensive resume
  • Setting up a project portfolio
  • Establishing an online presence
  • Refining your LinkedIn profile and utilizing Github

Stage 2: Career Acceleration Program

Practicum's Career Acceleration Program supports recent graduates in their job search. Students receive updated materials, including mock interviews with coding and feedback. Practicum’s Career Team then assists with identifying job openings and providing feedback on resumes. 

The program lasts for six months after graduation, and is for those seeking work in the U.S. If a student doesn't find a job or get a promotion during this time, they can request their money back.

Stage 3: Externships

Practicum's externships give students and recent graduates the chance to work on real projects for real companies before they've even graduated.

Among other things, our students participated in the creation of the homepage for Prim-U — the first on-demand beauty platform from South Africa

The program involves approaching companies and discussing tasks they may wish to delegate to Practicum students. The tasks must be relevant and beneficial for both parties to remain invested in the outcome.

Such opportunities offer a unique chance to build up a portfolio and get a feel for what it's like to do real work for a company.

Stage 4: Beyond Career Acceleration

Practicum continues to support its graduates after they finish the program. During a student's first months at a new job, they may encounter technical or communication challenges, which is why Practicum provides unlimited support in case they need help, with things like advice or on-demand consultations with a coach or a technical specialist.

Many of our working alumni got hired before graduation. 21% — within one to three months of graduation, and 35% — within six months.

What fell short 

We greatly value our students' feedback, and that includes learning about any negative experiences they may have had. This allows us to grow and constantly improve the program, making it even more useful and convenient for students.

Some common issues raised concerned the intensity of the program and the challenging nature of the learning style.

Intense learning experience

For some, the bootcamp might seem too intense, packing in too much information.

It’s designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to quickly get into a new profession. The 10-month long program has been carefully curated to ensure that students gain as much knowledge as possible. The amount of time that each student spends on training during the bootcamp can vary greatly. However, on average, students spend about 20 hours per week on their studies.

The curriculum is an intensive one, but covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the IT development industry.

One unique feature of the bootcamp is the use of sprints. These sprints are two-week periods of work where students are given a number of tasks to complete by a deadline. 

For example, during your first sprint, you will gain knowledge on how to create web page layouts. This sprint also covers an introduction to BEM and Git, which will be helpful in later sprints, as well as your projects.

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to manage web page layout using Flexbox
  • Skill in positioning elements using position properties
  • Knowledge on structuring the code using the BEM methodology
  • Proficiency in tracking code changes using the Git version control system

As a result you will create your first landing page (HTML, CSS) in two weeks after the start of the course.

This is an important aspect of the program, because most professional IT development takes place in sprints, so this helps prepare students for the workplace. During each sprint, students work closely with their peers and mentors to ensure that they are on track to meet their goals.

However, if a student finds themselves struggling to keep up with the program, our mentors are always on hand to offer support and guidance. They provide valuable insights about the daily challenges, saving time and headaches in the long run.

For example, when collaborating with a partner, it's common to encounter differences in coding style. Instead of spending days trying to align your code, practical developer tools like linters can automate formatting to agreed-upon standards. Just one tip will save you dozens of hours.

Education style too complicated

Some students complained that they found the learning too difficult. We all absorb information differently, and that's normal. But we don't deny the fact that some aspects of our course may prove challenging.

We make no false promises regarding the effort students have to put in in order to obtain the qualifications required to enter a new profession in a few short months. The reality is that any worthwhile education requires patience, dedication, and time. Others may tell you otherwise, but that's simply not true.

Our goal is honesty and transparency with our students. We acknowledge that learning to become a software engineer isn’t always a simple feat. At times, you may struggle to understand certain concepts or spend countless hours searching for the perfect coding solution. But, rest assured ― you won't regret your decision to join.

We've made every effort to simplify the learning process. Our materials are accessible and clear, with minimal technical jargon, and everything broken down in a way that even beginners can understand.

Our interactive platform allows you to consolidate theory and practice, making the learning experience even more hands-on and immersive.

You're never alone on this journey. Our team is always available to provide guidance and support whenever you need it. From asking questions of your tutor to seeking advice from classmates and learning support, we are always there for you. It's still much easier and more comfortable than attempting to learn on your own.

And last, but not the least: all your hard work will pay off in the future. Your new career will be in high demand and very well paid, providing a sense of accomplishment and purpose in making a difference in the world!

Try it out for yourself 

We have attempted to showcase our course through the reviews of our previous students. They enjoyed some things more than others, and that's okay. We're all different, which is why it's so important to develop your own impressions.

Therefore, we offer a free introductory course. This way you can understand the way in which the material is taught, the complexity of the tasks, try our interactive platform, estimate your learning pace, and, ultimately, decide if our program is the right fit for you.

So, why not take the first step towards your future as a successful developer with the Software Engineering Bootcamp?

Click here to see what we're all about and begin your journey today!

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